I got my piercing 10 days ago, and it feels healed. Can I use Hot Silver jewelry?

Piercings can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months or longer to fully heal. While Hot Silver jewelry is made with the finest materials, it is not intended for newly pierced skin, and we strongly suggest you allow your piercing to completely heal before using our jewelry. Check with your physician or piercer to determine if you are fully healed.

What do I do if my piercing becomes infected?

If you suspect your piercing has become infected, contact a physician or your professional piercer immediately. Do not remove the jewelry unless instructed by the professional.

Does Hot Silver jewelry come sterilized?

We take pride in our product and its cleanliness, but we do recommend that all jewelry is thoroughly cleaned before use.

How do I properly clean Hot Silver jewelry?

Dip the jewelry into a small bowl containing hydrogen peroxide. Allow it to soak for one minute, then wash it with antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water. Commercial sterilization products are also acceptable to use.

Can I wear Hot Silver jewelry in a chlorinated pool or hot tub?

Yes, as long as your piercing is fully healed.

I am allergic to Nickel. Can I use Hot Silver jewelry?

Yes. All of our sterling silver jewelry is nickel-free. While all steel does contain trace amounts of nickel, the high-grade surgical steel we use in our body jewelry is the same or better quality than steel used inside the body for medical purposes, and will not induce contact nickel dermatitis.

Can I still wear my belly jewelry if I become pregnant?

Most physicians and piercers agree that you can continue to wear your belly jewelry throughout pregnancy, though you may need to switch to a retainer or change the size. Contact your physician or piercer for suggestions and check our selection to find products that will work for you.

Is it safe to pierce myself or let a friend do it for me?

NO! Go to a professional piercer. Do-it-yourself piercings (even with a piercing kit) are unsterile and have a very high risk of infection. And if you accidentally pierce the wrong place, you could cause severe bleeding or permanent nerve damage.

Where can I buy Hot Silver jewelry?

Hot Silver jewelry is sold exclusively at Walmart stores. To find a Walmart near you, click here for the Store Locator.

How do I know what gauge to buy?

The gauge of jewelry is indicated on our packaging (See the Gauge page). If you are unsure what gauge your piercing is, ask your piercing professional.

What is a captive bead?

A solid round ball with dimples at either end, which is held in place by the tension of a ring. Open ends of the ring fit into the dimples in the ball for a secure fit.

How do I open a captive bead hoop?

Captive Bead Hoops can be tricky to open and close! They are designed to withstand rugged wear without opening. The ball in a captive bead hoop has two dimples and is held in place by the tension of the hoop. It does not screw into place.

Piercing professionals have special tools for opening and closing captive bead hoops. We highly recommend that if you have difficulty opening or closing it yourself, you consult a professional for additional assistance.

What is 316L surgical or stainless steel?

A common material for body jewelry of all types; is of a higher grade than the stainless steel used in most costume jewelry.

What is anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that permanently changes the surface color of titanium and niobium.

What does biocompatible mean?

Compatible with the body. Biocompatible materials include surgical grade steel, titanium, 14kt gold, sterling silver, and certain plastics.

What is threading?

Threading is done at the end of jewelry shaft during manufacture. Allows balls and other elements to screw on securely. Threads need to be long enough to allow a secure set of the ball, generally three twists of the wrist. This prevents a ball from falling off.

What is titanium?

A lightweight, biocompatible metal. May be anodized to show a range of different colors (see anodized, above).

What is body piercing?

Any piercing other than ears. This includes nose, eyebrow, and belly, among others. Body piercing should only be done by a trained professional in a hygienic environment, never with an ear piercing gun.